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Accounting and bookkeeping

Let us contribute to the success of your business operation with financial management services that are unparalleled in Fountain Valley, Ca and the surrounding areas. We customize our bookkeeping services for your specific needs and provide both training and support to help keep your business booming.

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From corporate structuring and licensure to inventory records and monthly profit and loss statements, our expertise covers every level of your bookkeeping and accounting needs. We provide a diverse variety of services for your cash expenditures, inventory records, revenues, expenses, tax preparation, and payroll.

Our services

We're here to assist you with every aspect of your financial situation, and that includes staying on top of your bills to avoid late fees and other problems with creditors. You can rely on our experienced team for the precision and accuracy that you deserve.

Keep up with your bills

Whether you are a brand new business, or your services are a staple in our community, we can help you save money.

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• Business services

• Small business accounting services

• Business accounting and consulting

• Audit services, review, and compilation

• Pre-audit reviews

• Tax preparation and planning

• New business consulting

• Corporate structuring and licensure

• Payroll services

• IRS negotiations

• Monthly bank account reconciliation

• Sales tax returns

• Cash expenditures

• Bookkeeping

• Inventory records

• Monthly profit and loss statements

• Business tangible property returns

• Revenues and expenses

• Customized bookkeeping options

• Business planning for new and existing businesses

• Quarterly and annual file reviews

• Bill payment services

• 1099 preparation

• Sales tax reporting

• Bookkeeping training and support